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CXD-203 Managing App and Desktop Solutions with Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6
5 Days
The Managing App and Desktop Solutions with Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 course provides students with the skills required to effectively support a Citrix application and desktop virtualization solution in a Windows Server 2012 R2 environment. During this course, students will be instructed on how to successfully manage, monitor, support and troubleshoot a XenDesktop 7.6 solution, which includes growing the implementation to accommodate changes in the environment (adding new applications, new users, new desktops, and new policies) and troubleshooting common issues.
  • XenDesktop 7.6 architecture, components, and communication
  • Delegate administration and manage licenses
  • Manage the XenDesktop infrastructure
  • Create and manage machine catalogs and Delivery Groups
  • Manage StoreFront
  • Create and manage policies and end-user profiles
  • Manage sessions, sites, and end users with Director
  • Manage printing
  • Manage Provisioning Services 
Operators and administrators that need to manage an existing XenDesktop 7.6 solution
  • An understanding of server, desktop and application virtualization concepts
  • Experience with Windows Server 2012, specifically:
    • Active Directory
    • Domains
    • Groups and User Accounts
    • Organizational Units
    • Group Policy Objects
  • Experience with Windows 7 and Windows 8 user interfaces
  • Experience with SQL Server 2012, specifically:
    • General understanding of databases, permissions, security, clustering/mirroring, and high availability
  • Basic networking knowledge
    • Protocols (TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, etc.)
  • Basic storage knowledge (managing existing storage types, adding new storage)
  • Basics of Citrix licensing
  • Familiarity with at least one hypervisor (XenServer, Hyper-V, or vSphere)
  • Basic understanding of the different types of profiles (local, roaming, mandatory)
  • Basic understanding of certificates, the role of certificate authorities, and certificate types 
1. XenDesktop 7 Solution Architecture
  • XenDesktop Architecture Overview
  • User Layer
    • Citrix Receiver
  • Access Layer
    • Citrix NetScaler
    • Citrix StoreFront
    • Discussion Question
  • Control Layer
    • Delivery Controller
    • Machine Creation Services
    • Citrix Provisioning Services
    • Hypervisor
    • Virtual Delivery Agent
    • Discussion Question
  • Resource Layer
    • Applications
    • Operating System Image
    • Citrix Profile Management
    • Policies
    • Personal vDisk
  • Management Layer
    • Citrix Studio
    • Citrix Director
    • Discussion Question
  • XenDesktop Site
  • Ports
2. Delegating Administration and Managing Licenses
  • Managing Licenses in Studio
    • Discussion Question
    • Types of Licenses
    • Downloading, Allocating, and Importing a License File
    • Discussion Question
    • Adding a License Administrator
  • Managing Delegated Administration
    • Administrators
    • Roles
    • Scopes
    • Running a Delegated Administration Report
    • Discussion Question
    • Using PowerShell
    • Discussion Question
  • Monitoring Configuration Logs
    • To Display Configuration Log Content
    • To Generate Configuration Log Reports
    • To Change the Configuration Log Settings
    • Discussion Question
  • Troubleshooting: Managing Licenses and Delegated Administration
3. Managing and Monitoring the Hypervisor
  • Architecture Overview
  • Creating a Virtual Machine from an ISO
    • Creating a Virtual Machine
    • Installing XenServer Tools
    • Generalizing the Virtual Machine
    • Creating a Template
  • Managing Virtual Machines within a Hypervisor
    • Creating a Virtual Machine
    • Taking a Snapshot
    • Discussion Question
    • Restoring a Virtual Machine From Sysprep
    • Copying a Virtual Machine
    • Discussion Question
    • Reverting to a Snapshot
    • Discussion Question
  • Adjusting Virtual Machine or Template Resources
    • Adding Storage to a Virtual Machine or Template
    • Adjusting the Storage Allocated to a Virtual Machine
    • Adjusting the Memory Allocated to a Virtual Machine or Template
    • Adjusting vCPUs Allocated to a Virtual Machine or Template
    • Adding a Virtual NIC
    • Discussion Question
  • Configuring and Customizing Alerts
    • To Configure and Customize Alerts in XenCenter
    • Discussion Question
  • Troubleshooting: Managing and Monitoring Hypervisors
4. Managing Apps and Desktops
  • Architecture Overview
  • Managing Machine Catalogs
  • Machine Creation Services
  • Creating a Machine Catalog
    • Creating a Machine Catalog for Windows Server
    • Installing the Virtual Delivery Agent
    • Creating a Machine Catalog for Windows Desktop
    • Discussion Question
  • Managing Delivery Groups
  • Discussion Question
  • Managing Resources
    • Managing Computer Accounts
    • Managing Power for Machines in a Desktop OS Delivery Group
    • Discussion Question
    • Discussion Question
  • Deleting Resources
    • Enabling and Disabling Maintenance Mode
    • Removing Desktops from Delivery Groups
    • Deleting a Delivery Group
    • Deleting Machines from a Machine Catalog
    • To Delete a Machine Catalog
  • Troubleshooting: Managing Desktops and Applications
5. Managing StoreFront
  • StoreFront Architectural Overview
    • StoreFront Components
    • StoreFront Communication
    • Discussion Question
  • StoreFront Management Console
  • Creating a New Store
    • To Create and Add a New Store
  • Hiding a Store
    • To Hide a Store
    • Discussion Question
  • Managing Authentication
    • Configuring Authentication
    • Discussion Question
  • Enabling End Users to Change Their Passwords
    • To Enable End Users to Change Expired Passwords
  • Managing Delivery Controllers
    • Adding Delivery Controllers
    • Discussion Question
  • Managing Receiver Updates
    • To Manage Receiver Updates
  • Removing a Store
    • To Remove a Store
    • Discussion Question
  • Troubleshooting: Managing StoreFront
6. Managing Policies and Profiles
  • Policy Precedence (Studio vs. Group Policy Objects)
  • Creating Policies Using Studio
    • Unfiltered Policy
    • Using a Policy Template in Studio
    • Applying a Policy Using Studio
    • Editing a Policy Using Studio
    • Prioritizing Policies Using Studio
    • Discussion Questions
    • Exporting a Policy Template Using Studio
    • Importing a Policy Template Using Studio
    • Obtaining the Resultant Set of Policy Using Studio
  • Creating Policies Using Group Policy
    • Creating and Applying a Group Policy Object
    • Editing a Group Policy Object
    • Using a User Template with Group Policy
    • Discussion Question
    • Importing a Policy Template with Group Policy
    • Exporting a Policy Template with Group Policy
    • Prioritizing a Policy Using Group Policy
    • Discussion Question
  • Obtaining the Resultant Set of Policy Using Group Policy Objects
  • Troubleshooting: Managing Policies
  • Managing End-User Profiles
    • Configuring Folder Redirection
    • Managing Profile Settings Using Citrix Policies
    • Resolving Conflicting Profiles
    • Streaming End-User Profiles
    • Discussion Question
  • Troubleshooting: Profile Management
7. Managing and Monitoring Sessions, Sites, and End Users with Director
  • Director Overview
    • To Monitor an End-User Session
    • To Access Director
  • Monitoring within the Director Dashboard
    • Monitoring Infrastructure
    • Monitoring Connected Sessions
    • Monitoring Logon Duration Averages
    • Monitoring Machine and End-User Connection Failures
  • Monitoring and Managing End-User Sessions
    • Viewing End-User Sessions
    • Searching for an End User
    • Monitoring End-User Applications
    • Monitoring End-User Machine Processes
    • Managing an End User's Machine Power Status
    • Enabling or Disabling Maintenance Mode
    • Resetting an End-User Profile
    • Discussion Question
    • Monitoring HDX Channels
    • Sending a Message to an End User
    • Shadowing an End-User Session
    • Disconnecting an End-User Session
    • Logging an End User Off
    • Discussion Question
    • Monitoring Historical Trends
  • Troubleshooting: Managing Sites, Sessions, and End Users with Director
8. Managing Printing
  • Managing Printing
  • Default Printing Behavior
  • Configuring Client Printing
    • Modifying Client Printer Auto-Creation
    • Discussion Question
    • Adding Session Printers
  • Managing Printer Drivers
    • Automatic Installation of In-Box Printer Drivers
    • Configuring Printer Driver Mapping and Compatibility
    • Universal Printer Driver
    • Controlling Universal Printing Behavior
  • Optimizing Printing Performance
    • To Configure Printing Optimization
  • Discussion Question
  • Setting Up and Managing the Universal Print Server
    • To Set Up and Manage the Universal Print Server
  • Troubleshooting: Managing Printing
9. Managing Provisioning Services
  • Citrix Provisioning Services
  • Machine Creation Services or Provisioning Services
  • Provisioning Services Overview and Architecture
  • Discussion Question
  • Navigating the Provisioning Services Console
    • To Navigate the Provisioning Services Console
    • To Create a Provisioning Services Master Virtual Machine
    • To Install the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA)
  • Creating the vDisk
    • To Convert the Hard Drive of the Master Target Device to a vDisk
  • Setting the vDisk Mode
    • To set the vDisk Mode
  • Creating the Machine Catalog
    • To Assign a Machine Catalog to a Delivery Group
  • Discussion Question
    • To Update a vDisk
  • Promoting Updated Versions
    • To Promote Updated vDisk Versions
  • Discussion Question
  • VHD Chain of Differencing Disks
  • Merging VHD Differencing Disks
    • To Merge VHD Differencing Disks
  • Troubleshooting: Provisioning Services
Lab 1: XenDesktop 7 Components
Lab 2: Configuring Roles and Scopes
Lab 3: Creating a Virtual Machine Template
Lab 4: Completing the Setup Process after a Sysprep
Lab 5: Delivering Server Desktops
Lab 6: Creating and Configuring a New Store
Lab 7: Working with Policies
Lab 8: Working with Profiles
Lab 9: Using Director
Lab 10: Managing Printing
Lab 11: Provisioning Services