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NetApp OnCommand Unified Manager Administration (OCADM)
4 Day(s)
Course OverviewCentralize your ability to deploy, automate, protect and monitor all your storage with NetApp® OnCommand™ unified manager software. With its unique capability of monitoring and managing both physical and virtual storage infrastructures, it offers effective, cost-efficient management of your shared storage infrastructure. It enables you to optimize utilization, meet SLAs, minimize risk, and boost the performance of your storage infrastructure. This course provides an overview of the features of OnCommand management software. In this course you learn to administer your storage infrastructure by using OnCommand management software.ObjectivesBy the end of this course you should be able to: • Monitor and manage physical and virtual storage infrastructure• Provision storage for VMware virtual infrastructure using SnapDrive for Windows• Provision storage for application datastores using OnCommand provisioning capability• Perform policy-based backups using OnCommand protection capability• Clone VMs and backup and recover VMware infrastructure using On-Command plug-in for VMware• Administer security to enable business policy compliance • Automate storage provisioning and protection by using storage catalogue• Monitor and analyze storage systems and vFiler unit performance using Performance AdvisorAudienceThe target audience is NetApp Employees, Partners and CustomersPrerequisitesThe following pre-requisite or equivalent knowledge is required for this course: • Data ONTAP 7-Mode Administration (D7ADM)
Price: $4,545
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To find out more available information
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NetApp OnCommand Unified ManagerAdministration (OCADM)


Module 1:Introduction to NetApp OnCommand Management Software

· Describe the OnCommand portfolio of products

· Describe OnCommand management software and its capabilities

Module 2: Installing andConfiguring OnCommand Unified Manager

· Install and configure the OnCommand Unified Manger

· Configure AutoSupport

Module 3: Monitoring StorageSystems

· Monitor storage objects

· Manage groups of storage objects

· Manage users and roles for OnCommand Unified Manager

Module 4: Describing Provisioningand Protection Capabilities

· Describe the OnCommand protection and provisioning capabilities

· Create resource pools and datasets

· Associate datasets with resource pools, protection policies, andprovisioning policies

· Create storage services

Module 5: Protecting and RestoringVirtual Objects

· Back up virtual objects

· Mount virtual objects

· Restore virtual objects

Module 6: Recovering Data

· Use the protection capability to restore data

· Perform failover and failback

Module 7: Working withProvisioning and Protection Capabilities

· Manage external relationships

· Describe the job engine

· Edit datasets

· Manage secondary space

Module 8: Creating and ManagingvFiler Units

· Create vFiler units

· Create vFiler templates

· Migrate vFiler units

· Migrate datasets

Module 9: Managing Storage Systems

· Monitor storage system events

· Manage users of the storage systems

· Manage configuration settings

· Create reports

Module 10: Working withPerformance Advisor

· Provide an overview of Performance Advisor

· Diagnose performance issues

· Perform event correlation

· Export performance data

· Configure data collection

· View performance data