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Cloud Security, Audit and Compliance Ultimate Bootcamp
5 Day(s)
Course Information ARE YOU READY FOR THE CLOUD?Read the latest article "VMware vSphere Security and Metasploit Exploitation Framework" written by Duane Anderson, one of our expert Security instructors.The Cloud has everyone up in arms when discussing security! The benefits of the Cloud are great; however, many companies have concerns about adopting cloud architecture due to the inherent security risks.This course will provide for you what you do not find in other classes! The combination of knowledge tailored around implementing cloud security along with the hands on labs needed to truly understand what is happening to your data and the auditing and compliance skills needed to successfully manage a secure cloud implementation.Course Objectives• To fully understand Cloud Security from a real world view point• To receive the hands on experience needed to implement Cloud Security with VMware vCloud Director, VMware vSphere and other products generally used in cloud implementations• To have a general working knowledge on what to audit in a cloud architecture• To know hands-on methods of auditing a cloud environment from a best practices Security view point• To understand how compliance is viewed and dealt with in the cloud• To prepare for the CSS (Cloud Security Specialist) certification• To prepare for the CACS (Certified Audit and Compliance Specialist) certificationPre-requisitesRecommended minimum one year experience with virtualization technology or equivalent knowledge or training. General understanding of cloud architectures.Minimum one year experience with general security.Intended AudienceVirtualization Administrators, Cloud Administrators, CIO's, Virtualization and Cloud Auditors, Virtualization and Cloud Compliance Officers, anyone that needs a general understanding of security in the Cloud, those seeking the CSS certification or the CACS certification.
Price: $3,995Exam: $250
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about this course, please contact us:

To find out more available information
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To find out more available information
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Cloud Security Auditand Compliance Ultimate Bootcamp


Cloud Security Ultimate Bootcamp(Days 1-3)

Cloud & Security Fundamentals

  • Cloud Terminology
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Cloud Service Delivery Models
  • What Cloud Computing Is
  • What Cloud Computing Is Not
  • Cloud vs. Virtualization
  • Core Security Concepts
  • Traditional Security vs. Cloud Security

Cloud Security Domains

  • Domain 1: Cloud Computing Architectural Framework
  • Domain 2: Governance & Enterprise Risk Management
  • Domain 3: Legal Issues: Contracts & Electronic Discovery
  • Domain 4: Compliance & Audit Management
  • Domain 5: Information Management & Data Security
  • Domain 6: Interoperability & Portability
  • Domain 7: Traditional Security, Business Security, & Disaster Recovery
  • Domain 8: Data Center Operations
  • Domain 9: Incident Response
  • Domain 10: Application Security
  • Domain 11: Encryption & Key Management
  • Domain 12: Identity, Entitlement, & Access Management
  • Domain 13: Virtualization
  • Domain 14: Security as a Service

Cloud Labs

  • Cloud Migration Evaluation Lab
  • Virtualization Lab
  • IaaS Lab
  • PaaS Lab
  • SaaS Lab
  • S-P-I Model Exercise
  • Deploying a Private Cloud