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Windows Server 2008
6427 A: Configuring and Troubleshooting Internet Information Services in Windows Server 2008
3 Day(s)
In this 3-day course, the students will learn to install, configure, maintain, and troubleshootan Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 Web Server in Windows Server 2008.
Price: $1,740
To find out more available information
about this course, please contact us:

To find out more available information
about this course, please contact us:

To find out more available information
about this course, please contact us:


Module01 - Configuring IIS 7.0 Web Server
ConfiguringIIS 7.0 Web Server
Introductionto IIS 7.0
Installingin a Virtualized Environment
Demo- Installing IIS
Configuration Files
Application Development Features
Configuration Health and Diagnostic Features
ConfiguringHTTP Features
ConfiguringPerformance Features
ConfiguringSecurity Features
ConfiguringSMTP Features
Demo- IIS Create Website
Module01 – Review

Module02 - Configuring IIS 7.0 Web Sites and Application Pools
ConfiguringIIS 7.0 Web Sites and Application Pools
HowAre Web Sites and Application Pools Used?
Reviewof the Unified Request Processing Pipeline in 7.0
HowDoes Authentication Work in IIS 7.0?
Reviewof Authentication Types
WhatAre the Default Application Pool Properties?
Creatinga Web Site
Whatis a Web Application?
Creatinga Web Application
Creatinga Virtual Directory
HostingWeb Sites in a Virtualized Environment
Demo- Authenticating and Creating Virtual Directories
Creatingan Application Pool
SettingBasic Properties of an Application Pool
Demo- Websites Application Pools
SettingAdvanced Properties of an Application Pool
RecyclingApplication Pools
EditApplication Pools Advanced Properties
Module02 – Review

Module03 - Configuring IIS 7.0 Application Settings
ConfiguringIIS 7.0 Application Settings
Reviewof the ASP.NET Platform
Installingthe ASP.NET Role Service
ConfiguringError Messages
Demo- Custom Errors
Whento Use Stage and Deploy
ConfiguringASP.NET Compilation and Globalization Settings
ConfiguringASP.NET Session State and Pages and Controls
ConfiguringASP.NET Connection Strings and Providers
ConfiguringASP.NET Application Settings and Machine Key
Demo- Configuring ASP.Net
ConfiguringFile and Folder Security
Configuring Advanced Security to Reduce Attack Area
AddingISAPI Filters
Configuring.NET Trust Levels
Demo- Configure Application Settings
Module03 - Review
Module04 - IIS 7.0 Modules
IIS7.0 Modules
Reviewof IIS 6.0 Request Processing
Reviewof IIS 7.0 Request Processing
ComparingIIS 7.0 Modules with ISAPI Filters
ComparingHandles with Modules
ReviewingNative Modules Registered by Default
ReviewingNative Modules Not Registered by Default
UnderstandingInformation in Application Host.config
Registeringa Native Module
EditingRegistration for a Native Module
ConfiguringNative Modules with IIS Manager
Usingthe IIS Manager to Enable a Native Module
Reviewingthe Native Modules Dialog Boxes
Removinga Native Module
Removinga Native Module by Editing the Config File
Usingand Installing Managed Modules
Configuringa Managed Module
Editinga Managed Module Using the IIS Manager
Editinga Managed Module Using the Command Line
Removinga Managed Module Using the IIS Manager
Demo- Configuring Modules
Module04 – Review

Module05 - Securing the IIS 7.0 Web Server and Web Sites
Securingthe IIS 7.0 Web Server and Web Sites
ManagingIIS 7.0 Security
ReviewingFeatures That Can Be Used to Secure IIS
ManagingIP and Domain Restrictions
ReviewingAuthorization Rules
ConfiguringAuthorization Rules
ManagingApplication Security
Demo- Configure Authentication and Access
ManagingRights and Permissions to Web Site Files
Demo- Securing Sites
ConfiguringAccess Using Authentication
Managing Certificate to Secure Web Sites
ManagingCertificate to Secure Web Servers
Demo- Configure Secure Webserver
ManagingRequest Filtering
Minimizingthe Modules to Secure the Web Server
UsingRPCover HTTPS
Permittinga User or Group to Connect to a Site
DefiningISAPI and CGI Application Restrictions
LoggingOperations Overview
ManagingLogging to Secure Web Sites and Servers
ReviewingInformation Available to Log
ReviewingBest Practices for Maintaining IIS Logs
Module05 – Review

Module06 - Configuring Delegation and Remote Administration
ConfiguringDelegation and Remote Administration
RemoteAdministration Overview and Service Settings
RemoteAdministration Connection Settings
ConfiguringRemote Administration for IIS Server
Demo- Configure Remote Admin
HTTPwith SSL vs. DCOM for Remote Administration
DistributedConfiguration System Overview
Howto Delegate Administrative Rights
Demo- Delegated Administration
FeatureDelegation in IIS 7.0
FeatureDelegation Options
DefaultFeature Delegation Settings
Demo- Delegation and Remote Administration
FeatureDelegation With Remote Management
BestPractices for Feature Delegation
Module06 – Review

Module07 - Command-line and Scripting for IIS 7.0 Administration
Command-lineand Scripting for IIS 7.0 Administration
IIS7.0 Management
Benefitsof Using PowerShell
Demo- Scripting Using PowerShell
Demo- IIS and PowerShell
Benefitsof Using Microsoft.Web.Administration APIs
Benefitsof AppCmd.exe and Command-line Scripts
UsingScripts for Administrative Tasks
Howto Use AppCmd: COMMAND Options
Howto Use AppCmd: OBJECT Options
UsingAppCmd to Manage IIS 7.0 Tasks
Demo - Scripting Using AppCmd
PowerShellCommand-lets for IIS 7.0
UsingPowerShell to Manage IIS 7.0 Tasks
UsingWMI Provider to Manage IIS 7.0 Tasks
Demo- Add and Change Settings Using PowerShell
Demo- Run Time Data
Module07 – Review

Module08 - Tuning IIS 7.0 for Improved Performance
TuningIIS 7.0 for Improved Performance
Impactof Global Changes on Worker Process
WhyConsolidate Server Roles?
ConfigureWeb Site Limitations
ConfiguringCache Settings
Demo- Configuring IIS Performance
Guidelinesfor Configuring Compression
Howto Install and Configure WSRM
Demo- Tuning IIS
ConfiguringLogging Frequency
ManagingApplication Pools
Demo- Applying Applications
Module08 – Review

Module09 - Ensuring Website Availability with Web Farms
EnsuringWebsite Availability with Web Farms
PerformingWeb Server Backup Validation
Prosand Cons Offline Configuration Files vs. DFS
Reviewingthe Benefits of Using Shared Configurations
EnablingShared Configuration with the IIS Manager
EnablingShared Configuration from the Command Line
Impactif Shared Configuration is Offline
SharedConfigurations Best Practices
ConfiguringNLB Using Shared Configurations
ReviewingNLB IIS Server Farms Best Practices
Module09 – Review

Module10 - Troubleshooting IIS 7.0 Web Servers
TroubleshootingIIS 7.0 Web Servers
Whento Monitor for Critical Errors
Creatinga Failed Request Tracing Rule to Monitor Critical Errors
ConfiguringSelective Logging for an Application
BestPractices for Logging
EnablingTrace Logging
Demo– Troubleshooting
Demo- Troubleshooting Authentication
Common Communication Error Messages
CommonCauses of Communication Errors
CommonConfiguration Error Messages
CommonCauses of Configuration Errors
Module10 - Review
Course Closure