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SharePoint 2010
SharePoint 2010 No-Code Application Development for Workflows, Data Connectivity, and Reporting
3 Day(s)
Course OverviewNow that the organization has gotten SharePoint installed... what's next? In this 3 day course you will learn how to take the foundation that SharePoint provides and construct "no code" BI Applications (using custom Workflows, Data Sources/Views, Key Performance Indicators, Excel Services, Business Data Catalog, and InfoPath Forms Services) using the built in capabilities in SharePoint and SharePoint Designer without coding anything. You will learn how to streamline existing processes, centralize access to information, and ultimately improve support for and use of SharePoint as a business productivity tool in your organization. ObjectivesSee detailed topics belowAudiencePower users of SharePoint Team Sites, Site Collection Administrators, Lines of Business owners or managers, designers, and developers will find this course to be a productive look at how SharePoint Designer 2010 and the native capabilities of MOSS Enterprise will help their organization and employees better leverage the tools and information they need to be successful. PrerequisitesOffice SharePoint Designer 2010 Fundamentals; SharePoint Power User level Knowledge of SharePoint; Working knowledge of Office 2010 applications.
Price: $2,495
To find out more available information
about this course, please contact us:

To find out more available information
about this course, please contact us:

To find out more available information
about this course, please contact us:


SharePoint 2010 No-Code ApplicationDevelopment for Workflows, Data Connectivity, and Reporting Web


Lesson 1: Review of Workflows

  • Creating Workflows in the Browser
  • Creating Workflows in SharePoint Designer
  • Creating Workflow Diagrams in Visio
  • Managing Workflows

Lesson 2: Using Reusable Workflows and Workflow Forms

  • Creating and using Reusable Workflows
  • Creating Association Columns
  • Using Workflow Templates Reusing Globally Reusable Workflows
  • Creating Globally Reusable Workflows
  • Creating Initiation and Association Forms
  • Retrieving Values from Initiation Forms
  • Modifying an InfoPath Form
  • Publishing an InfoPath Form
  • Modifying Initiation Form Parameters
  • Modifying Association forms
  • Adding Association Fields to Initiation Forms
  • Modifying Task Forms

Lesson 3: Data Access in the Browser

  • SharePoint 2010 Data Access in the Browser: Overview
  • Creating and Using a Lookup Column
  • Overview of Web Parts and Web Part Pages
  • SharePoint 2010 Web Part Inventory
  • Connect Data in Web Parts
  • List View Web Part

Lesson 4: Working with Data Views

  • Create and Customize Data Views
  • Edit In-line
  • Apply Conditional Formatting, and Show and Hide Content
  • Use XSLT
  • Use Formula Columns and Work with XPath Expressions
  • Deploy Web Parts

Lesson 5: Working with Data Sources

  • Use Data Sources
  • Work with XML Data
  • Connect to an RSS Feed XML File
  • Connect to a Server-Side Script
  • Connect to SOAP and REST Services
  • Connect to a Database
  • Use Linked Sources
  • Connect Web Parts

Lesson 6: InfoPath 2010 Forms Basics

  • Introduction to InfoPath Forms
  • Creating an InfoPath Form
  • Editing an InfoPath Form

Lesson 7: Reporting

  • Introduction to Business Intelligence Center
  • Filter Web Parts
  • Excel Services
  • PowerPivot
  • Reporting Services
  • Dashboard Designer