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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 - Application Professional Accelerated (80291, 80290, 80292, 80293)
3 Day(s)
Course OverviewThis course explores the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application from a user's perspective. Application functionality covered in the course includes: • 80291A: Sales Management • 80290A: Marketing Automation• 80292A: Service Management • 80293A: Service Scheduling Objectives• Use some of the most common service management applications of Queues and Contracts.• Work with cases in the case grid.• Understand the steps required to create a new case.• Create and manage contract templates.• Create and manage contracts.• Add contract lines to a contract.• Associate contracts with cases.• Create, activate and deactivate, and delete Knowledge Base article templates.• Search articles from within a case record and utilize articles to resolve cases.• Create, manage and work with Teams.• Define steps involved in creating and managing queues.• Work with queue items.• Build personal and system charts and dashboards to provide insight into important service management information.• Examine the benefits of closed loop marketing• Create and use marketing lists• Introduce quick campaigns and marketing campaigns• Plan marketing campaigns and create and use templates• Import leads• Associate sales literature, target products and price lists with marketing campaigns• Capture and manage campaign responses• Create and manage sales goals for individuals and teams within your organization• Use Personal Charts, System Charts, and Dashboards to analyze marketing information• Gain a conceptual understanding of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM sales process• Understand the role of the core record types used in Sales Management• Discuss when to use leads to qualify or disqualify opportunities• Use process dialogs to automate lead and opportunity management• Use the Product Catalog• Create Price Lists for campaigns and special offers• Create orders, quotes and track order fulfillmentObjectives Continued:• Use Lists, Views and Charts to obtain important sales information• Work with and create dashboards• Identify key service scheduling concepts• Compare service scheduling business scenarios• Understand the service scheduling process flow• Set up work schedules for users, facilities or equipment• Close, cancel or reschedule a service activity• Learn how service activity records synchronize with Microsoft Office Outlook• Incorporate customer preferences when scheduling service activitiesAudienceThis course is intended for individuals or anyone that plans to implement, use, maintain, or support Microsoft CRM in their organization. The class is targeted toward service schedulers, administrators, office managers, CEO's, and consultants who want to understand the technical aspects of Microsoft CRM and gain foundational knowledge of the application functionality.Prerequisites - no prerequisites
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To find out more available information
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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 ApplicationProfessional Accelerated
80291 80290 80292 80293

\ Topics


Working with Cases and Contracts

  • Creating Case Records
  • Working with Cases
  • Contracts and Contract Templates
  • Creating and Working with Contracts
  • Using Contracts with Cases

Using the Knowledge Base

  • Article Templates
  • Creating, Approving and Publishing Articles
  • Using and Searching the Knowledge Base
  • Cases and Knowledge Base Articles

Working with Teams and Queues

  • Introduction to Teams
  • Introduction to Queues
  • Creating and Managing Queues
  • Working with Queues and Queue Items
  • Using Workflows with Queues

Analysis, Reporting and Goals

  • Service Management Reports
  • Service Management Charts and Dashboards
  • Goal Management for Service


  • Service Scheduling Overview
  • Service Scheduling Scenarios
  • Service Scheduling Process
  • Working with Service Activities and the Service Calendar
  • Closing, Canceling, or Rescheduling a Service Activity
  • Using Charts and Reports to Analyze Service Activities

Advanced Topics

  • Understanding the Service Activity Scheduling Engine
  • Resources, Services and Selection Rules
  • Incorporating Customer Preferences
  • Resource and Service Capacity Requirements
  • Understanding Sites and Same-Site Requirements

Implementing and Managing Marketing Campaigns

  • Campaigns, Campaign Activities and Marketing Lists
  • Creating and Using Email Templates
  • Sales Literature, Products and Price Lists
  • Distributing Campaign Activities
  • Capturing and Viewing Campaign Responses
  • Working with Campaign Responses

Analysis, Reporting and Goals

  • Analyzing Marketing Information with Lists, Views and Charts
  • Working with Reports
  • Creating and Managing Marketing Goals
  • Creating Charts
  • Customizing and Working with Dashboards

Working with the Product Catalog

  • The Product Catalog and the Sales Process
  • Unit Groups
  • Adding and Maintaining Products
  • Creating, Maintaining and Using Price Lists

Sales Order Processing

  • The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sales Order Process
  • Opportunities, Quotes, and the Sales Process
  • Working with Orders
  • Working with Invoices

Analysis, Reporting and Goals

  • Analyzing Sales Information with Lists, Views and Charts
  • Working with Reports
  • Exporting Sales Information to Microsoft Office Excel
  • Creating and Managing Sales Goals
  • Creating Charts
  • Dashboards