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Business Skills / Business Analysis
IT Leadership: Principles and Practices
8 Day(s)
Course OverviewIT leaders have expressed many frustrations and challenges between IT departments and the business units IT supports. This course will help you develop communication skills and learn techniques to build better partnerships with your business units. It provides a framework to identify business requirements and share IT solutions that will provide value to business units. Learn how to build effective teams who are motivated, skilled, and able to share your vision and strategy for a world class IT department. The approach employs both face-to-face and online participations and will be conducted by skilled facilitators and Subject Matter Experts who "have the battle scars" from the frontlines of IT leadership. Please visit our IT Leadership site for further information, industry articles, and student feedback! All participants will receive membership to the IT Leadership Forum hosted by Center for Professional Development.In addition to the 64 course hours over 8 days, there is 12-16 homework hours that consist of reading assignments and skill practice. ObjectivesIT Leaders who participate in the program will have been taught information how to:• Understand the competencies to build strong relationships• Understand communication methods and tools• Use a systematic process for gathering business unit requirements• Measure and communicate IT value to business unit partners and executive teams• Develop effective teams in a global environment• Ability to manage change and develop plans to implement change without creating panic throughout the organization• Understand IT resources and needs to support IT vision and strategy in alignment with business unit vision and strategiesAudienceThis course is designed for current, emerging, and aspiring IT leaders in IT-centric departments.PrerequisitesParticipants should be familiar with scoping, defining, and building projects or will be involved in initiatives to create business value.
Price: $6,440
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about this course, please contact us:

To find out more available information
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To find out more available information
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IT Leadership: Principles and Practices


Introduction to IT Leadership

  • Class Format
  • Understand Class Expectations
  • Discuss IT challenges
  • Identify leadership styles
  • Receive Insights personal effectiveness profile

Bridgingthe Gap - Business Unit Relationships
Create strong relationships to understand business needs and develop meaningfulsolutions.

  • Understand relationship competencies
  • Understand relationship types
  • Identify and develop key business relationships

Communication- The Building Block for Leadership
What did you say? Communicate in a language everyone can understand.

  • Define communicating all ways and always
  • Identify tools for communicating
  • Understand communication styles
  • Writing to Get Things Done

ElicitingBusiness Requirements
Understanding what your business units really want! What they really, reallywant!

  • Pursue understanding of what requirements are and why they're critical
  • Pursue understanding of the requirement process
  • Pursue understanding of business and project context
  • Elicit stakeholder needs and requirements
  • Prepare for an elicitation meeting

Providingand Communicating IT Value
Become a valued partner for your business units.

  • Pursue understanding of IT services and service value
  • Develop an IT services catalog
  • Determine IT measurements and values that business units want
  • Communicate IT value in business terms

BuildingPeople Through Coaching and Development
Develop people for a lifetime, not systems for a moment.

  • Train and retain key team members
  • Develop skills assessments and inventories
  • Deliver feedback for growth
  • Coaching for development
  • Manage procrastination and distractions
  • Delegating with purpose - getting more work done in less time

UnlockingTeam Potential
Achieving greater results through collaboration.

  • Identify components of team development
  • Identify stages of team developments
  • Motivate and inspire teams for effectiveness
  • Resolve conflict using conflict management process

Motivatingand Empowering Your Team
Pursue skills and knowledge how to engage and empower your team in a globalenvironment to solve business problems and meet business needs.

  • Understand key motivators
  • Apply motivational strategies and and Create commitment and accountability

ManagingChange and Planning for Success
Pursue skills and knowledge how to manage change rather than letting changemanage you.

  • Understand the influences on change
  • Apply 8 Steps to Lead Change
  • Build communication action plans and develop a stakeholder analysis
  • Manage your time and create work plans and Keys to effective decision making

AligningIT Strategy and Vision, and Project Portfolio Management
Understanding IT's key roles to support business initiatives, goals, andvision; picking the right projects at the right time for the right reason.

  • Identify organization strategy and IT's role
  • Identify IT gaps to support strategy and vision
  • Understand risk, resources, and values
  • Structure Strategic Planning Process and Manage IT project portfolio


  • World Class IT
  • The CIO Edge
  • Remarkable Leadership
  • The Real Value of IT
  • Deep Dive