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Help Desk
Help Desk Manager
3 Day(s)
Course OverviewGaining C-level management support and effectively communicating the pivotal role of the help desk and support center to the organization is crucial to the support operation's success. The most successful support center managers have mastered the art of promoting the support organization to the executive team. Knowing how to build and deliver on service level agreements, working in partnership with other business units, and building and retaining great teams are characteristics of a well-managed and highly effective support organization. The HDI Help Desk Manager (HDM) Certification training program provides management with the insight, strategies, and skills necessary to promote their organizations - and their own career development. HDI Help Desk Manager Certification ensures its recipients have: • Mastered the skills necessary to successfully manage service levels with customers and secondary support personnel;• An understanding of ROI concepts and principles;• Excellent financial skills;• Engaged themselves in change management and asset management;• Experience with workforce planning;• Tools to measure customer satisfaction;• An understanding of how to determine the appropriate use of technology;• Skills necessary to build and maintain high-performance teams through team building, career development, etc;• Developed productive relationships with employees and the organization as a whole;• Is an effective advocate for the value of the support center with executive level management.
Price: $2065
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To find out more available information
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To find out more available information
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Help DeskManager


Supportcenters are the key connection between customers and other corporatedepartments, which means that successful managers must effectively managerelationships throughout their organization, including communicating the valueof the support operation to C-level management. This course discusses in detailpeople and relationship management in a support center setting.

This course is designed to provide senior level help desk professionals withthe knowledge necessary to successfully manage the strategic and tacticalaspects of their support organizations. Upon completion of the course,attendees will be prepared to pass HDI's HDM certification test.

What You'llLearn:

  • Techniques for managing relationships across the enterprise;
  • How to plan and manage enhancements to the help desk organization;
  • Key processes for ensuring successful support center performance;
  • How to market your services internally/externally;
  • The latest technologies utilized in a service center;
  • Benefits of each of the service delivery models;
  • Outsourcing models and the value of each model;
  • Negotiation and conflict resolution/management skills;
  • Methods for building and maintaining high-performance teams;
  • How to build effective service level agreements;
  • Tips and techniques to assist you in hiring, training, motivating, and retaining top-notch employees;
  • Value of mission/vision statements.


This courseis for individuals interested in HDI's Help Desk Manager (HDM) Certification,and is recommended for experienced help desk and support center supervisors,managers, and project managers who are responsible for day-to-day operationsand have three to five years of experience.

Prerequisites - none