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Help Desk
HDI's Help Desk Analyst Boot Camp
3 Day(s)
HDI's Help Desk Analyst Boot CampCourse OverviewProviding the highest level of service and support - whether your customers are internal or external - is a paramount goal of all support center operations. The combination of high levels of customer service and business-driven support translates to service and support desks that exceed customer expectations while focusing on organizational goals and ultimately driving the bottom line. HDI training ensures that service and support professionals have the know-how and insight to optimize relationships with each and every contact. HDI's HDA Boot Camp uses these tenets as the foundational principles as it prepares individuals for HDI certification at both the CSS and HDA levels: HDI Customer Support Specialist Certification ensures its recipients have: • Mastered the roles and responsibilities of a customer support specialist; • Developed an understanding of the call center environment; • Developed the skills and competencies required to succeed as a customer support specialist.HDI Help Desk Analyst Certification ensures its recipients have: • The tools and techniques needed to excel as an analyst;• Met internationally recognized guidelines and standards;• Outstanding customer service skills; • The knowledge to manage, meet and maintain service levels;• Process management implementation skills.
Price: $2,065
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about this course, please contact us:

To find out more available information
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To find out more available information
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HDI'sHelp Desk Analyst Boot Camp


This coursefeatures practical exercises to reinforce learning. Boot Camp participants willbe introduced to the skills needed to provide the highest levels of customerservice and support. In addition, the course will outline the support centerenvironment's processes, procedures, and basic tools and technologies. The BootCamp reinforces the concept that each customer interaction is unique and offersan opportunity to enhance the relationship with that customer. This courseincludes valuable information and everyday solutions for addressing theattitudes, behaviors, and relationships between customers and the support team.

HDI's HDA Boot Camp also focuses on essential help desk analyst skills,understanding help desk tools, and problem-solving techniques. Help desk tools,computer and network technology awareness, and problem-solving techniquesincrease the ability to solve problems efficiently in the support center.

Real-world exercises, case studies and analyses provide creative solutions toeveryday opportunities and challenges. Participants will learn the essentialskills necessary to manage the various aspects of the support center, such asprocesses, assets, resources, and security.

This course contains all the content necessary to successfully pass the HDI CSSCertification and/or the HDI HDA Certification examinations.

What You'llLearn:

  • The importance and benefits of measuring the delivery of customer support;
  • How to create "win/win" positive interactions with customers and co-workers;
  • How to identify underlying customer needs;
  • How to gain agreement with customers, to meet and exceed customer expectations;
  • The difference between providing solutions and satisfying a customer's psychological needs;
  • How to deal effectively with a variety of customer situations;
  • How to work with unrealistic or angry customers;
  • How to gain satisfied customers through better listening;
  • The guidelines for problem escalation;
  • The importance of delegation;
  • The basic anatomy of computers;
  • Basic tools and technologies used in the customer support industry;
  • The importance of a business contingency plan;
  • Commonly used support methods - pros and cons;
  • The role of the help desk in asset management;
  • Implementation of changes in the customer environment;
  • Common processes in managing help desk resources;
  • The basic tools and technologies used in the help desk industry;
  • The basic anatomy of computers, networks, and system administration;
  • The best method to solve problems more quickly, with less stress;
  • How to become more creative in problem solving.


HDI's BootCamp is an intensive course designed for help desk and customer service andsupport staff who are dedicated to providing outstanding levels of service andsupport. It is recommended specifically for front-line support centerrepresentatives who want to develop a knowledge and understanding of help deskand support center operations.

Prerequisites - none