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Business Skills / Business Analysis
Effective Communication Strategies
1 Day(s)
Course OverviewHarvard Business Review published the results of a study that showed 87% of all business problems arise from miscommunication! We can't not communicate and yet most of the time we fail to communicate well. In this class, participants learn the communication model and how to use empathy, questions, and active listening to communicate well and decrease workplace issues!ObjectivesThis one-day course teaches participants how to: • Understand what communication is.• Identify common communication barriers and how to overcome them.• Ask questions that give you information, focus conversations, solicit opinions, and gain consensus.• Develop empathic and active listening skills and to understand the entire message.• Identify your preferred communication style and how to communicate with individuals who have different communication preferences.• Learn the art of making conversation and networking.AudienceThis course is designed for anyone who want to improve their communication skills and decrease issues due to miscommunication.PrerequisitesThere are no prerequisites for this course.
Price: $489
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To find out more available information
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To find out more available information
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Effective Communication Strategies


Module 1: Course Overview

  • This Module introduces participants to the workshop, details the workshop schedule, and provides participants an opportunity to identify their personal learning objectives.

Module2: What is Communication?

  • To begin, participants define communication and learn the communication model.

Module3: Communication Barriers

  • Participants identify common communication barriers and techniques to overcome those barriers.

Module4: Empathy

  • This module focuses on using empathic listening to acknowledge and affirm other people's feelings and values.

Module5: Questioning Skills

  • Next, participants learn the purpose of questions, understand question types, and how to use questions to gain information, focus conversations, solicit opinions, and gain consensus.

Module6: Active Listening Skills

  • Hearing and listening are not the same! In this module, participants gain an understanding and techniques to actively listen to others.

Module7: Non-verbal Communication

  • Next, only 7% of our messages are communicated verbally. The other 93% of our messages are communicated non-verbally. Participants learn to identify non-verbal messages and adjust their own messages.

Module8: Communication Styles

  • We all have a preferred communication style. In this module, participants learn their preferred style and how to communicate more effectively with those who have a different communication preference.

Module9: Mastering the Art of Conversation

  • For many of us, the thought of networking or making small talk with people we don't know, is terrifying. Participants learn how to start a conversation and network with others. This module is a must-know topic for everyone!

Module10: Advanced Communication Skills

  • In this module, participants focus on using positive language, establishing common ground and using "I" messages.

Module11: Wrapping Up

  • At the end of the day, students will have an opportunity to ask questions and fill out a personal action plan.