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Business Skills / Business Analysis
Delivering Exceptional Customer Service
2 Day(s)
Course OverviewCustomer satisfaction is tied directly to the interactions of customers - positive or negative. To stay competitive, businesses need to provide world-class service by meeting and exceeding customer expectations. This two-day workshop will build the service skills needed to achieve that goal.ObjectivesThis two-day workshop will teach participants how to: • Recognize that service delivery is an individual response.• Understand how your own behavior impacts the behavior of others.• Develop more confidence and skills as a problem-solver.• Communicate assertively and effectively.• Identify customers' needs.• Learn how to handle difficult customers.AudienceThis course is designed for anyone who communicates with customers or is assigned to manage those who deal with customers.PrerequisitesThere are no prerequisites for this course.
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To find out more available information
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Delivering Exceptional CustomerService


Module 1: Getting Started

This module introduces participants to the workshop,details the workshop schedule, and provides participants an opportunity toidentify their personal learning objectives.

Module 2: What is Customer Service?

To begin, participants define customer service andidentify key components of delivering exceptional customer service.

Module 3: Who are your Customers?

Next, students learn how to use questions tounderstand customer needs and how to meet those needs.

Module 4: Meeting Expectations

This module focuses on the four critical areas ofcustomer expectations, and students identify methods to meet or exceed customerexpectations.

Module 5: Presenting Yourself Properly

To the customer, you are the organization. For manypeople, their impression of your organization or department is determined bytheir interaction with you. Learn how to present yourself professionally andpositively.

Module 6: Communication

Poor communication is responsible for 87% of allwork-related problems. In this module, students define communication, understandcommunication barriers, and develop skills to build customer relationships.

Module 7: Telephone Techniques

Next, students learn how to build good customerexperience through the telephone.

Module 8: Providing Electronic Customer Service

A growing number of customer interactions are takingplace online. Students will learn ten tips to communicate effectively online.

Module 9: Handling Difficult Customers

One of the hardest challenges customer service staffface is dealing with difficult customers. In this module, students identify thecauses of difficult behavior, learn coping strategies and the customer serviceresolution process.

Module 10: Increasing Your Assertiveness

In this module, students learn how to effectively usethe assertiveness formula to express thoughts and feelings in a direct, honest,and appropriate manner.

Module 11: Customer Service Problem Solving

Problem solving is an essential tool for anyone incustomer service. Learn how to identify a customer's problem, develop solutionswith the customer, and recover the customer.

Module 12: Service PRIDE is a Team Effort

This lesson will look at five things that the companyas a team can do to improve customer service.

Module 13: Ten Things to WOW Your Customers

Meeting the basic needs of customers is only the firststep in providing great customer service. If you want to make a lastingimpression on customers, you need to go the extra mile.

Module 14: Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, students will have anopportunity to ask questions and fill out a personal action plan.