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Business Skills / Business Analysis
Business Writing Essentials
1 Day(s)
About This CourseDoes your writing help or hinder you as a professional? In school, it felt as though we wouldn't really need to understand grammar and punctuation rules to succeed. As long as we're able to get our point across does good grammar or punctuation really matter? In today's world much of our work is done through writing and good writing does count! Think back to emails you have received with spelling errors, or written in lower case, maybe the message contained so much text you never bothered to read it. How do you respect, prioritize, and respond accurately and timely to those messages? Are you guilty of sending similar messages? Your writing is an expression of who you are as a professional. When you send an email or write a report with misspellings, poor grammar, or incorrect punctuation, your image is damaged. How well you write affects your career! This one-day course will teach you the necessary foundational writing skills needed to be successful. This course places a heavy emphasis on writing correctly; understand active verses passive voice, avoid common spelling mistakes and incorrect grammar usages, and avoid punctuation pitfalls. You will be taught how to write clearly and concisely to get the results that you want.
Price: $545
To find out more available information
about this course, please contact us:

To find out more available information
about this course, please contact us:

To find out more available information
about this course, please contact us:


Module1: Getting Started

  • This lesson introduces participants to the workshop
  • Details the workshop schedule
  • Identify their personal learning objectives.

Module2: The Five C's

  • Understand the importance of writing clearly, concisely, completely, correctly, and with courtesy
  • Students will look at these five elements in detail during this lesson and practice each of them

Module3: The First C: Writing Clearly

  • Define your goal for communicating
  • Understand your audience needs
  • Define your role as the writer
  • Identify methods for writing clearly

Module4: The Second C: Writing Concisely

  • Identify methods for writing concisely
  • Understand ways to remove clutter

Module5: The Third C: Writing Completely

  • Identify answers to the 5 W's and H to write completely
  • Understand importance of writing for the audience
  • Identify ways to organize your messages

Module6: The Fourth C: Writing Correctly

  • Review grammar and punctuation rules for writing correctly
  • Identify frequently misused words

Module7: The Fifth C: Writing with Courtesy

  • Understand the importance and necessity of writing with courtesy
  • Identify rules of business writing etiquette
  • Discuss the importance of inclusiveness

Module8: Constructing Sentences

  • Understand parts of sentences
  • Develop sentence construction skills
  • Understand active vs. passive voice

Module9: Creating Paragraphs

  • Understand parts of a paragraph
  • Identify organization methods
  • Develop strong paragraphs

Module10: Writing Emails

  • Understand email etiquette
  • Develop messages to receive results

Module11: Proofreading and Finishing

  • Understand tools for proofreading
  • Identify printing and publishing problems